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Where’s Wallace? In Northern Idaho!

Where’s Waldo? Remember him, the mystery man wearing a camouflage type red and white sweater, matching hat and blue pants? I took a trip to a small, quaint historic town in northern Idaho where many people might ask, where’s Wallace? Wallace, Idaho, home to a mere 784 people and a long-standing history is a timeless […]

Sandpoint Getaway

Written by guest blogger Danielle Gruden. Five people cramped in a Honda Element doesn’t seem like a great premise to a traveling story, however, this is how it began. My goal was to escape the tortured life of being pale skinned and move on to looking like I hadn’t been living in a cave for […]

From Desert Darling to Mountain Maven; My Trip to McCall

Written by guest blogger Katie Zinn. Being from Phoenix, AZ means pretty much one thing during this time of year: I’m hot. No, not the flattering, attractive kind of “hot” but rather the 113°, everywhere feels like you’re living in an oven kind of hot. It’s brutal. Thus, when given the opportunity to ditch my […]

Idaho “Staycation”: Hostels and Recreation

With gas prices on the rise, the term “staycation” is making yet another popular comeback. This method of a modified vacation allows for travelers to experience a get-away on a friendly budget that won’t break the bank. One of the many beauties of living in Idaho is that you can literally drive two hours in […]