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Camping in the Lost Valley Reservoir

Written by guest blogger Carol Green. When I was a child, camping meant packing up the gear and driving towards the mountains until we found a secluded spot beside a creek or stream, pulling off the road, setting up camp, and spending the weekend fishing, wading, or lazing around the campfire. There was no need […]

Top 5 Travel Apps

Written by Danielle Gruden. Technology is the light to my dark – especially when I’m lost in the woods, literally speaking. My iPhone has become part of me, a metamorphasized appendage that is not quite right. Although my addiction may seem like a sickness, perhaps even a problem, let me share five simple apps that […]

Hells Canyon: Hiking, Backpacking, Camping and Sight-seeing

Written by guest blogger Steve Stuebner. It’s been a long winter. A lot of people have cabin fever. We’re all eager to get outside and enjoy some spring activities. The only problem is, the weather doesn’t want to dry out. We’re lucky to get even two days of nice weather in a row in SW […]

Hiking the Boise Foothills

Written by Danielle Gruden Lately the abundance of rain has over-taken my ability to participate in outdoor splendor. Living in Idaho and being trapped inside is like being put in a cage; staring out to the pristine wonderment that awaits to be turned into a day’s adventure. Cabin fever becomes a life threatening situation. Alas, […]