Winter Steelhead Fishing on Idaho’s Salmon River

by Lisa D. Jenkins

Way back in September, the B-Run steelhead started to make their way from the Pacific Ocean back to the Salmon River in Idaho, and here at Exodus Wilderness Adventures we’re excited to report that winter steelhead fishing IS ON!

Steelhead fishing results in a successful catch.We’re talking big fish just waiting to hook up with you for an epic struggle.

Late January to early March regularly offers anglers consistent Idaho steelhead fishing. Judging from the earlier fall catch, our winter season will be one of the best thanks to a decent size run and an extremely favorable weather pattern that’s held the fish in the area for longer than last year.

The Salmon River runs directly north in the Riggins area so plenty of winter sunlight spills into the canyon, often making it the warmest spot in the state. Right now, plenty of hatchery and native fish are resting in the area’s waters waiting forAnnika Moffett is successful during steelhead fishing. things to warm up just a bit before they become active again. My friend, Roy Akins of Rapid River Outfitters, says he finds that any slight jump in water temp can turn the bite on like crazy and lead to some of the best fishing of the season.

While Idaho’s record steelhead weighed in at 30 pounds, 2 ounces, the average B-Run steelhead has spent 2 years in the ocean, weighs over 20 pounds and is 31 – 34 inches long when it reaches the Salmon River to spawn. Is this your year to challenge the record with a giant B-Run steelhead of your own?

There are two ways to enjoy steelhead fishing on the Salmon River this winter.

Exodus Wilderness Adventures and other guides in Riggins offer half, full and multi-day steelheadSuccessful steelhead fishing. fishing trips on Idaho’s Salmon River. Anglers often have their choice of a heated drift boat or heated jet boat – so the fishing is nice and comfortable – and all your gear is usually provided.

If you plan on fishing on your own, be sure to check the Fishing Report before you come, then stop in to see Amy at Exodus for some local tips. The Exodus office is located right on the bank of the Salmon River and we are always happy to share what we know about current river and fishing conditions.

Yes, Idaho steelhead fishing is a fine way to spend a day or two this winter.  Come Visit Idaho and see for yourself!

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