The Best Sources For Idaho Wildfire Info

Summer fires are a reality in the West, so staying informed as you travel makes good sense.  This article gives readers a list of Twitter folks to follow for up-to-date information, as well as online resources.  Find more sources at   
Posted with permission from Boise State Public Radio.

Idaho’s wildfire season is ramping up, and that means there will be a lot of rapidly changing information about fire activity into the fall.

We’ve compiled a list of agencies, organizations and journalists who regularly tweet about fires in the region.

In some cases, these Twitter accounts will give you the most updated information on a particular blaze. And depending on where you live in the Gem State, some of these Tweeps could be more or less useful to you, so pick and choose from the list below. Or, if you are a fan of Twitter lists, subscribe here.

Times-News Wildfire@IdahoWildfire Immediate updates on Times-News wildfire coverage in southern Idaho. Follow for more detailed @twinfallstn updates on #wildfire, safety tips, fast alerts.

Boise National Forest ‏ @BoiseNFFires Boise National Forest fire information.

Bureau of Land Management, Idaho ‏ @BLMIdahoFire BLM Idaho protects and manages wildfire on approximately 11 million acres.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office @AdaCoSheriff Idaho’s largest local law enforcement agency in Idaho – making safer places to live, work and play.

Al Nash @AlNashPAO Focusing on weather, fire & aviation. This personal account does not reflect any official statements in connection with my roles with the NPS or CAP.

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