Making “Idaho, The Movie”

This post is reprinted courtesy Wide Eye Productions.

For the past eight years, our cinematographers have been traveling the state, gathering landscape and scenic images for Idaho the Movie.   We’ve climbed mountains, run rivers, hiked deserts, survived close encounters with wildlife… and (thankfully) came home with a library of footage we just had to share.  Idaho, the Movie is our way of doing just that– showing off the images we’ve worked so hard to get in the state we live in and love.

We started out shooting the most notable landmarks and scenic locations with the RED Epic camera.   The RED (pictured left at Lake Pend Orielle with Director of Photography, Tom Hadzor) shoots 4K images, a little more than twice the size of high definition.  But the full setup also weighs about twice as much as an office desk!   The Wide Eye team muscled up and hauled it to dozens of locations, capturing some of Idaho’s most beloved natural areas.

With an initial library of the more iconic (and accessible) locations under our belts, our team set out to shoot the little known gems in-between.  But in Idaho, that presents a major challenge:  how to haul 100 pounds of high end HD gear up into the mountains, or out into the desert, or down a wild river?

Photographer Kevin Eslinger shoots with the Canon 5D MarkII mounted on a “pocket dolly”.

If you’ve been following film production at all for the past 4 years, you may know about the revolution in camera technology caused by the introduction of digital SLR cameras (still cameras) that shoot HD video.   These small cameras pack a 35mm image sensor that shoots high definition, film-like images… images that were just a few years ago only possible with full size (and full weight) cameras like the RED.  We quickly realized the value of these small package, high quality cameras and put one to use for Idaho, the Movie.

Photographer Bill Krumm shoots atop the largest single single structure sand dune in North America.

We’re excited to share the results.   It’s amazing how many beautiful places there are in Idaho.   Our writer and narrator for the program, Tim Woodward even admits that in 40 years of traveling and writing about Idaho, there are still places he’s never seen.  (Read Tim Woodward’s article about making the film in the Idaho Statesman.)

We hope Idaho, the Movie helps you discover the beauty of a state that doesn’t easily show off its hidden treasures.

Idaho, The Movie will be available for purchase online and at retailers in early December and would make a wonderful holiday gift.  Watch the movie trailer.  Visit the Facebook page.

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