Surf’s up on the…Lochsa River?

Idaho’s rivers are no secret – the fishing, rafting, kayaking and jet boating opportunities are known world-wide.  Even the sport of bungee surfing  was invented here in Idaho.  But not until I watched this short film “The Warrior” did I know you could actually surf a river wave on a surf board.  It appears I need to get out more.

“The Warrior” tells the story of Boise-based river surfer Christopher Peterson and features spectacular footage of Chris shredding the Pipeline wave on the Lochsa River in northern Idaho. The film was directed by Boise resident Skip Armstrong and produced by Forge Motion Pictures.

“The Warrior” is about more than a professional surfer who came to Idaho from Hawaii.  It is moving, and powerful.  Sometimes the water speaks to us, and sometimes it allows us to listen.

Before you watch, know that this isn’t your typical tourism video.  We love promoting Idaho, but sometimes it is about more than tourism.  Take a look.

Mark Deming is the communications director at NRS, a paddle sports company based in Moscow, Idaho….he wrote a great behind the scenes blog post.    NRS is the keeper of the Of Souls + Water series, which features a number of water-focused short films, including “The Warrior.”  You may watch more of these shorts on the NRS website.

Posted by Laurie McConnell, Idaho Tourism Staff