June 2012
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Hard Working Dog @VisitIdaho # TYDTWDay

Last Friday (June 22) was “Take your Dog to Work Day”.  I celebrated the occasion from the comforts of my home office with my best friend Gracie, an 11- year old Blue Heeler, Black Lab and Chow mix.  Idaho is a dog-friendly place so I seized this opportunity to share some of Gracie’s favorite places […]

Life–the Great Adventure

One of the comments we hear frequently at the Division of Tourism is “I had no idea Idaho had all this!”  For them, just coming to Idaho was an adventure (defined by Wikipedia as “an exciting or unusual experience.”)  Idaho is an adventure whether you’ve lived here all your life, or if you’re new to the […]

Stars, Close Enough to Touch

Did you know that during the month of August, stars are closer to the earth than during any other time of the year? Star parties are popular in the summer months.  Members of the Boise Astronomical Society host star parties in August.   The Idaho Falls Astronomical Society also holds star parties throughout the summer.  There is one in Lava Hot Springs […]

Heros Come in All Sizes

From the organizers to the volunteers to the competitors to the spectators, everyone involved in the Boise Ironman is calling it a success. One of the stories submitted to Boise State Public Radio as part of the buildup for Ira Glass’ visit to Boise centers around the Ironman so it seems the perfect time to share it.  And if […]

“One Minute Idaho” Submissions

When Ira Glass, host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life, visited Boise in 2011, Boise State Public Radio, along with the Idaho Department of Tourism and The Story Initiative at Boise State University, presented “One Minute Idaho.” This was a writing contest open to anyone with an Idaho story to […]