Experience at Sun Valley Film Festival One to Remember

By Daniel Frandson, Idaho student, actor and guest blogger

The first annual Sun Valley Film Festival successfully got up and running on Thursday, March 15, 2012. Truly a great triumph, this festival brought film and the arts to a new level.

Daniel Frandson was one of the child actors in "Magic Valley."

Some of the new independent films featured were, “Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best”, “LUV”, “War Elephants”, “Soda Springs” and “Magic Valley”. Some of the shorts included, “Cabby”, “Star Waiters”, “Grandma Must Get Dry” and “Crawlspace”.

In celebration of a weekend of accomplishment, an award party was held in the Town Square. The “Vision Award” was presented to Heather Rae for “Magic Valley”. Jaffe Zinn was awarded the “Gem State Award” and the “One in a Million Award” for ‘Magic Valley”. “War Elephants” also received a “One in a Million Award’ and “Soda Springs” was granted the “Audience Award”.

The first Sun Valley Film Festival was very successful and achieved great praise from many people.

Actor’s Opinion:
By Daniel Frandson

The Sun Valley Film Festival was a great success and I think it will gain popularity in the years to come.

Jaffe Zinn receives the Gem State Award for "Magic Valley"

Being able to meet the directors and the producers of the films was very interesting and also a great experience. From an actor’s standpoint, it was beneficial to get feedback during the Question and Answer sessions.

All the volunteers and those who worked the festival were very considerate, kind and helpful. The filmmakers and the audience were very gracious.

The independent movies were very inspiring films because the plotlines were rarely repetitive, they worked with very low budgets and the directors always seemed genuinely concerned about the topics they were addressing.

Lodging at the Tamarack Lodge was great and even had pool. The scenery, as well as the snow, was beautiful. The only downside was there was very little food available before 4:30 p.m. or after 10:00 p.m. Luckily, The Pioneer Saloon went out of their way to accommodate us by keeping the kitchen open after closing.

The Sun Valley Film Festival was a wonderful experience – an experience of a lifetime – and I hope to attend many more. I thank Jaffe Zinn, Heather Rae and Laura Mehlhaff for giving me the opportunity to take part in this event.