Big Freezeout-Little Freezeout Loop in Star, Idaho

Written by guest blogger Steve Stuebner

This week’s topic is a neat road biking loop from my map, the Boise Road Cycling Guide. My mountain bike was in the shop, so I thought I’d try a road biking ride that I’ve been wanting to notch for some time. It’s called the Big Freezeout-Little Freezeout Loop, starting and finishing in Star, Idaho.

I would recommend this ride on WEEKENDS ONLY! Idaho Highway 16 is a very busy commuter road with folks from Emmett coming and going during the week, but on the Sunday when I did the ride, the road was relatively quiet and didn’t affect my experience in a negative way.

The Big Freezeout-Little Freezeout Loop is a cool ride because it’s a pretty fast route without that many hills (1,039 vertical feet of gain/loss), and it’s very scenic, providing an agricultural tour of dry grazing lands, and irrigated farm lands in the Emmett Valley and next to the foothills north of Star and Middleton. Another benefit is that there is almost no traffic on the roads you take in the Emmett Valley, and very little traffic on Little Freezeout heading back toward Middleton and Star.

It’s really fun and relaxing to me to crank up the iTunes, cruise down the road and let the road bike roll, while gaining some fitness along the way.

I took a helmet cam video of most of the ride to provide some feeling for the scenery along the way.

All told, the loop was 43 miles, according to my GPS. It took me about 3 hours to do the ride, on a nice carbon fiber road bike I demo’d from Idaho Mountain Touring. I’m in the market for a road bike, so I’ve been sampling various kinds to find the right fit. This particular bike wasn’t geared well for steep climbs such as riding to Bogus or the Cartwright loops because it has only two chain rings on the front crank, but it was very well suited for the Freezeout-Little Freezeout Ride.

Have fun!
– SS