Scenic Idaho

Written by guest blogger Mona Teffeteller.

After school got out, we were raring to go on our trip to Yellowstone, there and back – through our amazing home state of Idaho. We said farewell to our home in Eagle, ID and headed east.

Our first stop was one of the most amazing things any of us had ever seen. A cattle drive right on the highway. There were hundreds of cattle being led up Highway 20 by cowboys and sheep dogs. The line of cattle stretched for miles.  My son told me this was his favorite part about our entire trip!

Next, a stop at Craters of the Moon. A fascinating park with volcanic black rock everywhere. We went on a hike to see a cave, and our kids did some research and become “Lunar Rangers” – each received an official Junior Ranger badge, which they thought was pretty darn cool.

On the way home from Yellowstone we stopped at Shoshone Falls. We were pretty sure the falls would be big given the wet spring we’ve had, and they did not disappoint!  The view was indeed amazing, and I can still recall the booming sound of the falls as well as rising mist on my face.

We pulled off for quick stop at Malad Gorge State Park. Here we viewed the Snake River Canyon with impressive falls under a scenic overlook and bridge. It’s amazing how the landscape in Idaho changes each year. A few years ago when we stopped here the canyon was nearly dried up. But this year the waterfall was strong and the water level in the canyon was much higher.

So, if you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, don’t just plan on getting from point A to point B. Take a road trip through scenic Idaho and plan on a few stops here and there – and you’ll experience an adventure to remember forever.