Lewiston’s Farmers Market, Live Music and The Dance

Written by guest blogger Lisa D. Jenkins.

You know how everyone has their favorite day of the week?  Me, too.  I live for the  third Wednesdays of May, June, July and August.  That’s when Brackenbury Square in Beautiful Downtown Lewiston comes Alive After Five!

I like to go early, around 3:30pm or so, and get my shopping done at the Farmers Market – preserves, veggies, bread, it’s all there.  With my errand for the day finished, I’m on a bee line to find something tasty from one of the food vendors.  After grabbing street food (delicious and no dishes to do – win/win), I find a spot by the stage and settle down to enjoy dinner and a show.  Bluegrass, Indie Rock, Blues, Celtic, ‘50’s Rock, Jazz – the quality entertainment that finds its way to the stage in this valley is amazing . . . seriously.

So, for a few hours each month, I get to sit in the grass, listen to music, while I watch families laughing and kids playing games, and think about how amazing small-town America really is.

My favorite part is when I leave.  I take off my shoes and, on the way to my car, I walk barefoot through the fountain in The Dance.  It’s cool and wet and makes me giggle every time.  And who doesn’t love a good giggle?




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