Family Adventures in Garden Valley

Written by guest blogger Kellie Kluksdal

Living in Idaho most of my life and working for the Idaho Division of Tourism, you’d think I had seen and done all there is to do here in Idaho. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have done a lot…. but not nearly everything. Take, for example, the little town of Crouch, nestled up in Garden Valley, Idaho. Cute little place, not a lot of “stuff” to distract you from the natural beauty, but I had never spent any time there.
Lucky for me, my in-laws just built a cabin there and were kind enough to loan it to my family for the weekend. So we packed up the car, and everything we could possibly need for 3 days away, and headed out.

Driving highway 55, I always love looking at the river. I love rafting, I just don’t get to do it as much as I’d like. Having 2 little kids will do that to you, but I can dream…someday we can take them along.

We arrived at the cabin about 5:30pm with just enough time to settle in, make dinner, and get a good fire going for the evening.

The next day was time for activities. Golf, swimming and hiking were all on the list for the day. The Terrace Lakes Golf Course is a nice little par 72 and even for someone like me who doesn’t golf more than twice a year – I didn’t do too bad. The kids loved swimming in the natural hot springs pools and of course hiking through the woods. To get
my 3 ½ year old out on a walk, I bribed her by telling her we were looking for wildflowers and the ones she picked would become a bouquet for the dinner table that night. Well that worked! We spent the next hour looking for every flower (ok weed) we could find and came up with a beautiful array she was incredibly proud to display for everyone at dinner.

We took 4-wheeler rides through the area on old gravel roads and stopped at many points along the way to take in the view. Snow still sits up on top of the mountains in the distance and I couldn’t help thinking “seriously? It’s JUNE!”

I think it took getting away from it all for a weekend to truly appreciate what we have here in Idaho. Working so closely with it, I tend to forget just how awesome this state is and why so many people are so jealous of what we have.

  • Karen Jensen Fitch Ballard

    Lovely article Kellie. Love the “ok, weeds”