Jet Boating in Hells Canyon

Written by Danielle Gruden.

There I was, stepping on to an experience that promised to be amazing. I had anticipated something similar to that of the combination of a roller-coaster ride and a water slide; thrilling and intoxicating. Although both may have been a bit dramatic in ways to expect the adventure, it was definitely something memorable.

We started out on a sun kissed afternoon in May. Everything was in lush perspectives, due to the constant showers of spring. Blankets of green covered the ground and the river swelled. It was a perfect day for jet boating.

Besides the immaculate view, our guides Butch and Gary made the trip – their personalities winning the hearts of the crowds. During our 100 mile tour, Butch stopped at every major point of interest, explaining the river’s old mailing system, the petroglyphs painted on rocks, and the ash that covered the area thousands of years ago.

I had no idea Lewiston offered such beauty until this excursion – now I cannot wait to go back.

For your own jet boating quest, feel free to contact River Quest Excursions at 800.589.1129 or 208.746.8060. Ask for Butch.