Tour The Lewis-Clark Valley

Written by guest blogger Lisa D. Jenkins.

Every once in a while I am reminded just how much there is to see here in Lewiston, ID.  Traditional sightseeing is all fine and dandy – I’m a huge lover of hikes, bike rides and general wandering – but sometimes, a bit more excitement is in order.  Enter these unique ways to explore the gateway to Hells Canyon!

By Air

The first time I saw a ballon hanging in the sky above the Lewis-Clark Valley I thought to myself, “Wow, I bet that view is amazing.”  It is and each Spring and Summer, the bright colors of Adventurist Air rise 2000 feet into the quiet morning and evening skies above the Lewis-Clark Valley to share it.  The view from the basket reaches from farmed fields of wheat, over the waters of the Snake and Clearwater rivers, into the depths of Hells Canyon, on to the legendary Blue Mountains.

Of course, if you’re more comfortable in enclosed spaces, Kiwi Air is perfect.  The bright red helicopter is an amazing seat for spectacular aerial tours full of never-ending ooh’s and aaah’s.  The best part about flying with Kiwi is that, if their more popular tour routes don’t hit your thrill button, they’ll let you create your own!  How cool is THAT?

By Land

Spend any time at all on Main Street in Lewiston, ID, and Garry Bush, from Idaho History Tours will have your attention.  Maybe it’s the shadow he casts.  Maybe it’s the 1930’s period costume.  Maybe it’s what happens around Garry when he’s leading walking tours of the city’s historic, downtown area.  To know for sure, you’ll have to bravely enter parts of Lewiston that haven’t changed for 100 years.  I’m talking about genuine history, underground passages, documented paranormal activity and stories from the steamier side of 1930’s society.  Come on  . . .  I’ll be right behind you!

By Sea(port)

It’s true that Lewiston is home to the West Coast’s farthest inland seaport, which is cool, but the famous excitement in the Lewis-Clark Valley comes from Jet Boat tours of Hells Canyon!  Seeing the deepest river gorge in North America from the surface of the Snake River gives you a staggering view of the canyon, 7900 feet straight up, and a definite image of your place in the universe.  I’m fascinated by the petroglyphs, the wildlife, and the historical sites.  There are plants that only exist in the canyon and I’ve learned that they deliver the U.S. Mail to canyon residents by jet boat – and that they’ll let you ride along!  Pretty sure that doesn’t happen anywhere else in Idaho.  A list of all the  jet boat tour operators can be found in the Hells Canyon Visitor Guide.

Unique tours for a unique and diverse region – I’m in, are you?