May 2011
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Jet Boating in Hells Canyon

Written by Danielle Gruden. There I was, stepping on to an experience that promised to be amazing. I had anticipated something similar to that of the combination of a roller-coaster ride and a water slide; thrilling and intoxicating. Although both may have been a bit dramatic in ways to expect the adventure, it was definitely […]

Idaho River Outfitter Trips

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Add these Idaho events to your calendar: Writing, Photography, History and Jazz Highlight Offerings Visitors who take an early evening hike above the village of Stanley, Idaho in June or early July, are likely to hear Jerry Hughes playing the trumpet, practicing for the jazz trip his […]

Laughing Dog Brewery

Written by guest blogger Jamie Lynn Morgan. I just have to say that I love where I live, Idaho! After a wonderful sunny weekend spent around Coeur d’Alene riding my bike, walking, and drinking in the usual places I was headed for Sandpoint, Idaho on Monday for some meetings. Since I was going to be in […]

Getting Less is Getting More in Idaho

Written by guest blogger Jamie Cooper. In these economic times, family adventure vacationers may ask, “How can I get more for my money?” But for some of us – maybe a better question is “How can I get less!” Certainly less cost is one parameter, but what about less of the stuff we have to […]

Camping in the Lost Valley Reservoir

Written by guest blogger Carol Green. When I was a child, camping meant packing up the gear and driving towards the mountains until we found a secluded spot beside a creek or stream, pulling off the road, setting up camp, and spending the weekend fishing, wading, or lazing around the campfire. There was no need […]

Tour The Lewis-Clark Valley

Written by guest blogger Lisa D. Jenkins. Every once in a while I am reminded just how much there is to see here in Lewiston, ID.  Traditional sightseeing is all fine and dandy – I’m a huge lover of hikes, bike rides and general wandering – but sometimes, a bit more excitement is in order. […]

Top 5 Travel Apps

Written by Danielle Gruden. Technology is the light to my dark – especially when I’m lost in the woods, literally speaking. My iPhone has become part of me, a metamorphasized appendage that is not quite right. Although my addiction may seem like a sickness, perhaps even a problem, let me share five simple apps that […]