Bicycles & Butterflies

Written by guest blogger Lisa D. Jenkins.

I like to ride my bicycle.  It’s a shiny, bright blue and cream colored retro-style beach cruiser with a bell on the handlebars.  It matches me.

My bike and I are happy on the Lewiston Levee and the Clarkston Greenbelt bike paths, both on the banks of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers.  Unfortunately, due to a small mishap involving my wandering attention and a butterfly, both of these locations tend to give my boyfriend terrifying misgivings about my safety.  Don’t worry, he’ll recover and I still ride there.

I ride slow, because I sightsee, so the Lewiston Levee ride takes me about four hours.  I start at Hells Gate State Park and head 11 miles downriver, through Kiwanis Park and past the Tsceminicum Meeting Of the Waters, over to the Lewis & Clark Gardens.  If you’re following my route in the summertime, there’ll be water flowing in the Tsceminicum statue!

The Greenbelt Trail, on the Washington side of the river, starts at Granite Lake Park in Clarkston and heads almost 7 miles upriver to Chief Looking Glass Park in Asotin, passing through the leafy canopies of Beachview and Swallows parks.  The ride is mostly flat and I do it in 2 hours or so, barring butterflies, dented fenders and majorly skinned knees.

The great thing about both of these rides is that families can do them together so when you come to the Lewis-Clark Valley, pack a lunch and bring your bikes!