Eats in Lewiston

Written by guest blogger Lisa D. Jenkins.

The memories of my travels are completely intertwined with food.  Ask me about Boise and I’ll tell you how much I look forward to re-visiting Boise Fry Company – they had me at Black Truffle Salt.  Talk to me about Sandpoint and my eyes get all misty over their braised kale.  Find most anyone who’s visited Lewiston, Idaho, and you’ll hear about Bitesize.  Mmmmmmm.

Hand cut, tender pieces of beef seasoned with blends of spices, herbs and marinades that are unique to the chefs who prepare them.  Bitesize can be breaded, deep fried, grilled, or broiled and is served au jus, with Tartar Sauce or with other condiments ranging from ranch salad dressing to fry sauce.  I order mine medium-rare, au jus.

Recommendations on the best Bitesize vary.  Historical purists will lead you to Bojack’s Broiler Pit.  Modern day, adult foodies will recommend Macullen’s Steak Seafood & Spirit House who offers patio seating and a fantastic wine list that includes locally produced wines from Basalt Cellars & Clearwater Canyon Cellars.  Adventuring families will send you to Meriwether’s American Grill.  There’s no wrong choice here – every chef’s version is crazy, savory good and you should try them all to find your favorite.


  • Frances Conklin

    Yes, bitesize is a specialty throughout n central Idaho. Each restaurant seems to have a different breading, cooking method or dipping sauce. All good.