Hiking the Boise Foothills

Written by Danielle Gruden

Lately the abundance of rain has over-taken my ability to participate in outdoor splendor. Living in Idaho and being trapped inside is like being put in a cage; staring out to the pristine wonderment that awaits to be turned into a day’s adventure. Cabin fever becomes a life threatening situation.
Alas, a sunny day in the midst of Spring produces songbirds and hills calling my name. Nothing sounded better then walking down to Camel’s Back (near Boise’s historic North End) for a morning hike accompanied by sunshine, morning dew, and fresh air.
A trusted four-legged friend came along with me, Maggie. She hikes better than most people I know – so she fit the bill for a great trail partner. The maps located throughout the trails marked our path and helped to guide our way. We set out on our first Spring adventure.

As we looped around and climbed up and down the rolling hills, we were met by fellow hikers with smiles from ear-to-ear. Dogs introduced each other by the only way the know how, while passers-by exchanged hellos. The weather was perfect; sunny with a cool breeze. Maggie made it a point to hit every spring, creek and puddle available for a quick cool down from the high 60’s and the workout.
We crossed over to Hull’s Gulch, near the Foothills Learning Center, coming out around 8th Street – with quick access to Boise’s Downtown. All-in-all, it was a perfect Spring day.

Camel’s back offers a breath taking view of the city of Boise from several view points, while also offering endless opportunities to discover critters anew, to meet a fellow adventure seeker, or to get lost in the outdoors as the trails guide you to relaxation.

Camel’s Back is located in Boise’s Historic North End on the northeast corner of 13th St. and Heron at 1200 W. Heron St.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1053629801 Karen Jensen Fitch Ballard

    You crack me up Danielle: “Dogs introduced each other by the only way the know how”