Having it all, in Idaho

A repost by a guest blogger and travel enthusiast Larry Kamin

Old friends Nick and Cathy moved to Boise many years ago, and until now, we have never had a chance to visit them. But we didn’t actually have to see Boise to know that it’s a hick town that no respectable urbanite would consider livable, right? Wrong. What a lovely little city, that offers not only easy access to the great outdoors, but also art, dance, theater, restaurants, big-time college football, and even its own opera company. And talk about lifestyle; Nick and Cathy live in a grand old house about five minutes from each of their offices downtown, and just a few blocks from this extraordinary “Greenbelt” rolling through the city. And Boise being a small city, to be sure, Nick and Cathy seem to know everyone in town. Nick is a busy lawyer, but he’s also deeply involved with the highly regarded Boise Shakespeare Festival, which also produces plays in Cleveland. Cathy, late of the Idaho Supreme Court, is the founding dean of Boise’s first law school, due to open its doors in 2011. And they still found time to host a couple of strays from NYC for a few days! We walked the Greenbelt, visited the Zoo, attended an artist’s presentation at the Boise Art Museum, and ate very, very well at an excellent restaurant and our friends’ country club. Larry also found time to squeeze in most of the two Yankees’ game, of course, which kept his mood bright.

Driving through Idaho, we threaded along some rivers and creeks through several national forests, and past some classic Western grazing fields.
We stayed at an “Inn and Spa” in Stanley on the way to Boise. It was really sweet soaking in an outdoor hot tub with a view of the jagged Sawtooth mountain range!

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