Visit Idaho’s Weekend Roundup

The weekend’s almost here! Here’s just a hint of what’s happening throughout the state so you can start planning and get your mind right for a fantastic first weekend of August!

1. Boise Beer Fest: It’s going to be a scorcher of a weekend, so you might as well roll or stroll on down to Boise’s Ann Morrison Park this Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday and cool off while tasting more than 50 craft microbrews at the Boise Beer Fest! Visit for all the info you want and need. Proceeds from this festival go to charitable causes too, which is always a swell reason to enjoy delicious beer.

2. Yellowpine Harmonica Festival: “You mean there’s a huge harmonica festival that draws thousands of people to a town that usually has a population of some 40 people?!?!?” asks the newcomer.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean,” says the native Idahoan with a grin. “And it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. And it promises to be a GOOD TIME.”

If you’re looking for a mini road trip + fabulous live music + good times for all + camping + more scenery than you could imagine, then head to Yellowpine for the 21st Annual Harmonica Festival. Yellowpine is located at the entrance of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, the second largest federally protected wilderness area in the lower 48. Which means there are abundant outdoor adventures to enjoy as well.

Visit for more information.

3. Bam Jam 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Find some sports entertainment in Boise this weekend and check out the 3-on-3 basketball street tournament that will be going on smack in the middle of downtown on Friday and Saturday.

4. Portneuf River Bluegrass Festival in Lava Hot Springs

Beginning Friday, the Portneuf River Bluegrass Festival will deliver live performances, lots of jam sessions, workshops, a beer garden, and camping within walking distance of the festival. Not to mention a weekend to explore Lava Hot Springs. The festival is $15 per day to attend. Visit for additional information.

5. Ride Idaho: Okay, so registration is no longer available for “Idaho’s Most Memorable Bicycle Ride,” but we wanted to give this event a shout-out because it’s so awesome, and you should sign up next year! For seven days, 300 cyclists will travel the state on bikes, enjoying Idaho’s endless scenery up close and personal. If you’re out on the roads and see the group – of course use caution. If you see the herd of cyclists roll into your town, give them a shout of support and warm welcome. Riding the state of Idaho is quite a trek.

  • http://Website Steve Tedrow

    Hey you did not mention the Caribou County fair in Grace, ID going on this weekend. Their are lots of things going on at the fair and that people should know about like the Bar-J-Wranglers and lots of other stuff. Don’t leave out us smaller towns.

  • VIadmin

    Thank you for the heads-up!
    Caribou County Fair – Check it out!